Aftercare is super important!

Properly caring for your new tattoo is just as important as getting it done. Following these instructions will help ensure your Tattoo heals as it should.

These steps do not guarantee that you will not have any issues, however, if followed correctly, will reduce the chance of some of the avoidable issues. Everyone is different!!!! This makes each person's healing just as unique as the tattoo they receive.

If things are not going the way you think they should go or you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to call or message us and we will gladly help you.

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Give your body permission to do its miraculous healing. Be patient with healing and diligent with your investment! It takes time!

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions:

  • Your tattoo will release plasma and ink from the top 2 layers of skin into your “Saniderm” second skin bandage for up to 48 hrs after your session. Amounts vary. It may appear as a squishy, muddy colored waterbed like mixture, “Soup”. For some it does leak. If so, gently wipe the leaks and do not lift the edges or change it until 24hrs after the session. Sleep with a towel under you and don’t wear white that day.

  • You have been given a second bandage of the same size to reapply in 24 hours. (There is less peeling skin when the Saniderm bandages are used.)

  • Remove your Saniderm bandage after 24 hrs. ~ Gently pulling the bandage back on itself in the direction of hair growth. Avoid pulling upwards. This can be done in the shower but must not be exposed to scented soaps or hair products.

  • Once removed wash the whole area with a completely clean, warm moistened cloth and if you have it, unscented soap. If not, just water. Rinse area well and allow to air dry completely!

  • Once TOTALLY dry, apply the second “Saniderm” bandage that was provided. It will not stick to you if you are still moist. Recruit a friend if your tattoo is in a difficult place to reach. 

  • To Apply - Take the white film off first; align the bandage and place on your tattoo, smoothing it from the center towards the edges. Once in place, SLOWLY peel away the clear, 2 piece film and gently smooth out the bandage to cover the tattoo.

  • This 2nd bandage should be left on for 6-12 days. The longer the better!

  • When it’s time to take it off, follow the same instructions as described above in steps 6 & 7. Continue to wash twice daily for the next few days once “Saniderm” is gone. After that you may begin to start adding moisturizer to the tattoo.

  • You will likely have a light scabbing or flaking at this stage, this is normal. That is the next layer of skin that needs to slough off. It may appear shiny and can take several weeks for some people to fully come off.


  • Other products during healing that have not been recommended.

  • Direct sun exposure to your tattoo for the first two weeks.  (Sun can cause blisters on your healing tattoo)

  • Submerging your tattoo in any type of water for the first two weeks, including baths, hot tubs and swimming.  A gentle shower is ok as the “Saniderm” is waterproof.


Please follow instructions below …. IF you are NOT using the Saniderm Bandage or it has come off early:

  • Once the wrap is removed or the Saniderm bandage has come off (See steps 6 & 7 for proper removal if it is falling off), gently hand-wash your tattoo with warm water and fragrance free soap. This can be done in the shower but must not be exposed to scented soaps or hair products.

  • After your first wash, air dry or pat dry with a CLEAN towel. With CLEAN HANDS, apply a very thin coat of “A & D Ointment”. Repeat this procedure for the first few days.

  • Wash your new tattoo 2-3 times a day, at least, for the first week.

  • If your job or activities the week of your tattoo will expose your tattoo to dirt, germs, particles, chemicals or anything that can land or absorb into your skin, please re-wrap your tattoo with clean, cling wrap. It MUST be an untouched section. Protect it from getting anything in it or on it until it is finished with the first layer of peeling or it can get infected!!!

  • It is CRUCIAL that you keep your tattoo contaminate free! Be diligent to protect your new investment.

  • Your tattoo may feel tight, be warm/hot &/or can have a pink halo around it. This is normal for many and can come and go during the first week. You’re healing and your skin is angry, it’s all part of the process.

  • Your tattoo will begin to heal with a crunchy scab like layer. This is normal. Often this stage can be very itchy and unattractive. Do NOT scratch it.

  • Your body is in the process of releasing the top two layers of your skin (the 1st & 2nd dermal layer) these layers WILL contain color! It IS totally NORMAL! Please be PATIENT!

  • As it is healing, you may find that your tattoo may stick to fabric, depending  on where on your body it is, especially if you sweat a lot. Remove it very gently by getting the fabric wet and separating. Once off, wash gently with a warm cloth to release any residue.

  • Healing and peeling times vary from person to person. Relax and try to enjoy your new Tattoo Art through its healing process.

  • Once the tattoo starts peeling lightly, you can switch to a non-fragrant white lotion. No more ointment is needed. We recommend getting Unscented Curel lotion.

  • Tattoo's often go through a second peeling layer similar to molting, like a snake's skin. It may appear shiny and can take several weeks for some tattoos to finish. This is also very normal. In both layers of peeling, the dead skin will contain color. It's normal. Remember. 1st & 2nd layer leaves!

  • During these stages your tattoo may appear dull & less vibrant than it did when you first got it. It will get brighter again when it’s done healing, but do remember, all healed tattoos are less bright when healed than when they are fresh ;) This applies to all styles and colors of tattoo.

  • Swelling, tightness, warm/hot &/or can have a pink halo around it. These are all normal for many and can come and go during the first week or so. You’re healing and your skin is angry, it’s all part of the process.

* If your tattoo begins to seep yellow fluid any time after the first week, it may be an indication that you have exposed it to a post tattoo infection that can be caused by a variety of things; i.e. including the fabric on your clothes, pet hair/dander, pets in your bed, reaction to touching your hands or possibly children's hands on it, exposure to contaminants in the air, depending on your job/activities, food particulates/kitchen prep or the adhesive in the wrap or cover. Please contact us or your Doctor if you are concerned. Your safety and happiness matter to us!

It was great to work with you and I look forward to doing so again in the future,

Blessings, Crystal - Owner/Artist