Promoting yourself is not the easiest thing to do... so why not let someone do it for you?

I am now offering Professional Marketing and Online Presence Services

For every industry, service, profession or passion you are in and need a way to "Get Out There" & "Be Seen" 

Just starting? Or maybe you just need to tweak things.. change things up, add a few things to your marketing and advertising repertoire...

We will figure it out together and get you on the path to YOUR success with a variety of services that can help you achieve that goal!

Services Available:

  • Custom Website Design/ Building
    • Includes: Site Domain /URL registration,
    • Layout, Data loading / editing,
    • Image loading, editing, placement & size rastorazation 
    • Navigation and Network linking i.e. LinkedIn, Pintrest, Etsy, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc..
  • Website Hosting
    • maintenance and modification
    • (daily, weekly & monthly options available)
    • Updating your site and it's data, images and events
    • Replying on your behalf, redirecting your potential clients to you
  • Brand Establishment
    • custom, original business cards and matching promotional material
      • cards, letterhead, apparel, promotional give away gifts,
      • banners, brochures, postcards, signage, magnets, auto decal advertising
  • Merchandise development
    • taking your item, brand, art, logo, company and bringing it to life by establishing "functional products"
  • Image Acquisition
    • Custom Photography of your merchandise, product, service
    • Open source image collection, getting authorized, effective images to build your online goals
  • Facebook Business Page Set-Up (not a personal profile) 
    • Includes: adding images provided to me
    • Entering all pertinent data/information
    • Linking it to your chosen affiliate sites
  • Acting Facebook Administrator
    • Includes the above mentioned, with an established pattern


Price List Breakdown


Consultation Fee:   
        *applied towards services once hired              $60
Domain Registration Fee:                       $100-300/yr
        Depending on pre-set site requirements chosen
Domain Site Hosting monthly fee:            $20-40/ month
        Depending on pre-set site requirements chosen
Complete Start Up Web Site Design
        *includes: Custom Logo Design (optional)
          Site Layout
          Initial / Permanent Data Loading & Editing
          Image Loading, Editing, Placement
           & Size Rastorization
          Navigation and Network Linking                       
          *Building a fully operational,
          multi-source/access Online Store
          through your website, linking it your
          chosen affliate site i.e. Pintrest, Facebook,
          Etsy, Twitter, Linked-In etc..                                 $600- *$1200


Website Administrator:                                          
        *includes daily, weekly or monthly
          updates for the above mentioned,
          adding and updating data and images.
          Replying on your behalf to and redirecting
          your new contacts/clients to you for inquires.         $30/ hour
Other On Line Art Services:
  Image Acquisition:

        Custom Photography:
                of your work/merchandise/personal image    $30/ hour
        Open source image collection:                $30/ hour
Image Sizing / Rastorization Editing
                for Merchandise Production:                    $30/ hour
Merchandise Establishment Services
         *include a variety of the
                   services previously listed
           *Time Quotes avaialble                                       $30/ hour
Face Book Page Set-Up (not profile)           
        *includes, adding images
          provided to me, entering all
          personal/professional data requested,
          linking it your chosen affliate sites
          i.e. Pintrest, Facebook, Etsy,
          Twitter, Linked-In etc..                                          $200
Acting FB Administrator:                              
        *includes daily, weekly or monthly
          updates for the above mentioned,
          posting on your behalf & replying
          to and redirecting your new contacts/clients
          back to you for sale inquires and completion.         $30/ hour