• Make sure you are well hydrated the days up to and on the day. This is very important!

  • Come with food in your tummy and an easy, good snack or two, as well as your favorite healthy drink.

  • Wear clothes that will make the area accessible and easy to redress when the session is over.

  • Choose clothes that are not precious to you. Ink sometimes gets where it isn't supposed to go and does not wash out.

  • If the tattoo area is on your foot or near your foot, please wear closed shoes, not flip flops.

  • If the tattoo area is where you would normally wear a bra, wear a loose shirt that does not require you to wear one when we are finished or one that you can wear with the strap tucked under your arm. Please don't wear a sports bra, they are hard to move around ;)

  • You may bring a guest with you, however, it is important to remember that this tattoo is created for you and only you. As you and I are going to have an opportunity to connect a bit and be creatively inspired, often a well-meaning guest can change the dynamics of a personal session and can also reduce one's ability to stay focused, relaxed and in the moment. It is not a rule, but a recommendation to come on your own. The feedback I have had from my clients who brought friends, over the years has been that they wish they had come alone so they could be completely engaged and not worry about their friends/loved ones. Often the tattoo client feels bad that they are "ignoring" their support friend. Or that their creative decisions were shifted because they had company.

All the best until then,

See you soon! Blessings, Crystal