A NEW approach to Tattoos! 


Each and every tattoo I create is freehand without stencils, templates or previous design. No two pieces are alike and no one will ever be able to get what you have, nor will I be able to duplicate it.  Your piece of permanent body art is created just for YOU!

I start one of two ways; with watercolor paint directly on your preferred tattoo location area if we are in the "idea" stage or I prepare your skin, set up my colors and paint with the tattoo ink (with a brush) on the area and then tattoo the painting! Creating original art right there on your body allows me to design for each person's unique shapes, curves, and personalities.
I don't use other designs or tweak existing images. I just paint what feels right for each person's body based on that session, our connection, my natural artistic strengths and prayerful inspiration. Of course, I always take into mind what the client has come with as an inspiration point; their images, ideas, and then set them aside and create without boundaries and preconceived design. At this stage, it's only paint so there is no pressure on myself or you!
I have learned over time, with 25 yrs as a Fine Artist and with my Tattoo Art, that when I approach creating this way, it always produces the best results! I The most loved and successful Fine Art and Tattoos I've done have come from this uninhibited place of inspiration, where both I and the client step out of the way and let real inspiration come naturally!

I don't charge for the design/consultation time.  This opens up comfortable space to relax, connect, have a coffee and create without the pressure of budget or time. Once we confirm our painted design, I prepare to begin and start to charge from there. I charge $150/HR.
If in the consultation, we find that the inspiration does not line up with each other than we take the cue and we finish our coffee and visit and I refer you to another talented Artist who can fulfill your specific design wishes. I would rather send you elsewhere to get what you want, then give you something to have forever, that neither of us is happy with. I like being able to look people in the eye when I see them again in public
It's important for my prospective clients to look through my portfolio so you can see what my style is. If my style of Fine Art & Tattoos resonate with you and you are open to this creative approach, you will enjoy the process and the results created for you at Blessings Studio - Book A Session